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White bass fishing in Texas


White bass fishing in Texas


Texas is known as one of the best black bass fishing destinations in the US, but the white bass run in late winter and early spring is one of the Lone Star States underrated outdoor gems. I think most bass fishermen would agree, the white bass are better table fare than their larger and more prestigious black bass. You need to catch a stringer full of them to feed a family.

The white bass typically run about 1-2 lbs, a 3 lbs white bass is a toad of a fish. You can fill a cooler in an epic morning or late evening by landing big numbers of fish. Daily catch limits of white bass in Texas is 25. 

Many of the large reservoirs in central Texas have white bass spawning runs that start typically anywhere from about mid February to late March/April. The exact times depending on weather, fishing location, and water levels. The bass run out of the main sections of the lakes and up into the rivers and creeks that feed into the lake, making them accessible to many fishermen without big fishing boats. The white bass spanning run in a great way to fish with the kayak or canoe, with waders, or comfortably from the bank .

How to fish the White Bass

During the spring run, you need to head into the shallow waters up river and into the creeks of the big lakes in Texas. Some of the lakes like Travis you still need a boat to hit the best spots. For anglers without a boat, there are many places you can hit the run from the banks of the rivers, or better yet a pair of waders. Small tackle including spinners, spoons, and swim baits are the throw of choice. When the bite is crazy you can throw just about anything and to land a fish.

White bass fishing in Texas

Best locations for White Bass Fishing in Texas

Lake Travis

This is our home base lake, with ye old powered fishing boat shed located 5 miles from pace bend park. We have caught a few white bass over the years targeting largemouth. We made our first run up the Pedernales River last spring during the spawn to target white bass, and put 2 in the color. It was a little late in the run as we were just getting the boat ready for the season. It was also a decent boat ride from the marina, about 10 miles each way, so I didn’t have much time to spend with spoons in the water. Excited to make a few runs up the Pedernales this year targeting those tasty white bass. 

Canyon Lake

located just north of San Antonio, Canyon Lake has a strong spring white bass run in the Guadalupe River above the reservoir. Rebecca Creek boat ramp is located in the river, and anglers with small boats can easily access the area without crossing open water.

Most anglers head upstream to an area called “the rapids” but other areas can be good and less crowded. Look for high spots in the river channel that concentrate fish as they move upstream. The area around Cranes Mill Park is legendary in the winter and early spring as white bass school up, staged for the spawning run up the river. In late spring check the mouth of major creeks. Main lake fishing can also be quite good. The island near Comal Park and humps near the dam are good during the summer. There are many good boat ramps available. For those without a boat, a fishing pier at Crane’s Mill Park is a good option.

Lake Buchanan

One of Texas’s premier fishing lakes, Buchanan has decent white bass fishing all year round. The Colorado River above the lake has one of the strongest white bass runs in Central Texas. For wade or bank fishing, Colorado Bend State Park near the town of Bend (San Saba County) is a great place to try your luck when water conditions are right. This portion of the Colorado River is popular with fly anglers. Bend is located about 20 miles west of Lampasas on SH 580.

Lake Granger

Located on the San Gabriel River about 20 miles east of Georgetown, there is nice place to launch your kayak or canoe about ½ up the main fork of the San Gabriel River.  place to fish during the White bass run. It’s open bow hunting year round around this area as well. You can also hunt rabbit with a shotgun and other waterfowl in several locations around the lake.

Lake Sommersville

Also one of a favorite location for hunting, we have made plans this year to check this gorgeous lake out for it’s fishing opportunities. Located on Yegua Creek about 25 miles southwest of Bryan/College Station, this shallow lake is filled with water fowl much of the year. The lake is rumored to have great fishing for both white and hybrid striped  bass; particularly in the spring. Beginning in early to mid-February, both species migrate up reservoir to Yegua Creek. The lower reaches of Yegua Creek are best accessed by small boat from the main lake, 

There are three public areas provide access for fishing from the shore: 

Newman Bottom is reached from SH 21 at Dime Box by taking FM 141 south. Turn left on FM 1697, then left on CR 125 to CR 140. Follow the signs on CR 140 to a self-pay, day use only, parking area. 

Irvin Bridge can be accessed by following the same directions to get on FM 1697, and then turn left on CR 124 to a primitive parking area on Yegua Creek. 

Welch Park on the main lake has quality bank and wade fishing.

During the summer fish the humps and main-lake structure to target white and hybrid striped bass.

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Other Popular White Bass Lakes in Texas

We are a little new to the white bass fishing game, it’s one of our last targets to fish in Texas. Bluegills, gar, carp, and alligator gar also on the to fish list. Here are some other great white bass fishing lakes in other parts of Texas. 

  • Lake Limestone
  • Lake Georgetown
  • Lake Waco
  • Lake LBJ

Fly fishing for white bass in Texas

I’m not a big fly fisherman. Don’t get me wrong, I like, and sometimes it’s the preferred tool to target some fish in a tight shallow stream. On our recent trips to the San Gabriel River, we learned quickly that the fly rod was the way to go at this location. There are a few other places in the hill country that also fall into this pattern. The most famous of the fly fishing rivers in Texas is the Guadalupe. The section near under Canyon Lake is a world famous rainbow trout destination, but i prefer a small spinning rod and roster tails to pluck my rainbows for the grill. Texas Wildlife stocks this river with plenty of eating size fish every winter. You can also find some bass during other times of the year.

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