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Rainbow Trout Fishing in Texas

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Rainbow Trout Fishing in Texas


2022-23 Rainbow Trout Stocking schedule for  Texas

Rainbow Trout Fishing in Texas started in late October and runs through the entire Winter season. Texas wildlife is in full swing stocking the river and pods with rainbow trout starting in November. There are a few ponds scheduled for stocking in Austin. The Guadalupe is located just 50 miles from ATX and is a top 100 fly fishing destination in the US. Most of the trout stocking festivals in the Hill Country are back up and running in 2021. These are some of the notable releases around the Hill Country that we plan to fish.

Kingfisher Lake and BullFrog Pond   Austin:   11/23/2022, 12/9/2022, 12/22/2022, 1/6/2023, 1/20/2023, 2/3/2023, 2/17/2023, 3/3/2023

Onion Creek – Upper Falls Austin:  3,250 1/5/2023, 1/29/2023

Camp Maybery: – 1,260 12/15/2022, 1/12/2023

Canyon Tailrace – Guadalupe River, New Braunfels: 20,528 12/2/2022, 12/9/2022, 12/16/2022, 12/22/2022, 12/29/2022, 1/23/2023, 1/24/2023, 2/16/2023, 2/22/2023, 2/17/2023, 2/26/2023

Llano River (Castell downstream) Llano:  2,400 12/7/2021

Llano at James Crossing (Hwy 2389) 2,500 12/3/2022, 2/1/2023

South Llano River State Park*   Junction:        2,200 12/5/2022, 1/16/2023   2,200  11/30/2021, 2/9/2022

Rainbow trout in the Texas Hill Country

Well it’s not just in the Texas hill country. The state of Texas stocks rainbow trout all over the place. City ponds, rivers, lakes, and just about anywhere they can drop them. Stocking typically  starts around mid October and runs through early March. Bullfrog Pond, the Guadalupe River, Blue Hole Park Lake, and Blanco State Park are just a few of the locations for the 300,000+ rainbow trout to be released this season. So why is the trout season in the Winter? In Texas it’s the best time of the year for the non native species. They can thrive in the the cold water for a little while, in a few places where the water is cold from dam water, they can live from year to year.

Check out The State of Texas website for Rainbow Trout Stocking


Top Spots for Rainbow Trout Fishing in Texas

The Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River just south of the Canyon Lake Dam is our favorite hot spot for Trout and fly fishing in the region. Guided trips run about $500 for two people to float the river on a nice raft with and experienced fishing guide and gear.  For those DIYR’s looking to paddle the river you must first make arrangements for your pull out location before anybody up river will let you launch and leave your car. The entrance to the river at the Canyon Lake dam is free and open to the public and you can fish from the bank with or without waders. For the high rollers there are many nice homes available with River Access on Air B and B. Lazzy L Campground is a good place to fishing from the bank if you are willing to pay a few dollars for a day pass to the grounds.


One of the bigger festivals that is coordinated with a trout stocking. It’s held near Llano at the James River Crossing and takes place around early February. Camping, Live Music, and Fly Fishing demos are all available on the fun menu.

Small Rainbow Trout Ponds in Austin Texas

We have been to Bullfrog Pond in East Austin and didn’t catch a thing. Our trip was just a few days after the Texas Wildlife stocking, so we maybe didn’t get there before all the trout were taken. They also stock a pond near Camp Mabry, but those ponds are catch a release. If I’m going to land a Texas rainbow trout, I’m going to want it for dinner.

Onion creek upper falls trout fishing

This is probably one of the best places to fish for Rainbow trout within the Austin City Limits. It’s a very cool place to visit and fish. Located inside of McKinney Falls State Park this spectacular creek has several large waterfalls and other fishing areas, It’s a large part with hiking, camping, and other amenities.  We have been bass fishing their numerous times, but have not hit the rainbows here yet.

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Rainbow Trout Fishing in Texas
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