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Fun things to do in San Angelo

Fun things to do in San Angelo

Looking for fun things to do in San Angelo? It’s one of my new favorite spots in Texas. It’s the largest city in the area on the Western outskirts of what most consider the Texas Hill Country. I have made a few trips to San Angelo to try my hand at axis deer hunting. There are a few lakes right next to this small city and a cool historic downtown nightlife scene . The biggest of the lakes is Twin Buttes Reservoir and it’s one of the biggest public hunting grounds in Texas. You can’t hunt with a rifle, it’s shotguns with slugs and a few sections of archery only. There are axis, whitetails, and maybe other exotics like black bucks.

There are 4 lakes with just a few min of downtown San Angelo. All with nice boat ramps and a few nice places to camp. You can typically find a motel rooms for around $50. The Red Lion is a nicer hotel in the downtown area with reasonable rates, and occasionally a great deal under $100.

San Angelo Nightlife

The downtown area has a patchwork of bars, restaurants, music halls, and dance clubs. Most are located on Chadbourne St just a few blocks from the river. A local told me the Angry Cactus was the place to be, but the line was out the door on my visit so I had my dinner at Fuentes Cafe. The food was excellent and it was a decent bar. I decided to check out the hippy western dance hall The House of FiFi DeBois. The cover was a very reasonable $5 and the local music was great. At the ripe age of 44 I was one of the younger gentlemen in the joint.  The Deadhorse is the big music attraction and has a more rock and roll clientele. On the to do list for next time.

Other Bars Downtown and Restaurant

  • Blaine’ Pub
  • Zero One Ale House
  • The Casual Pint
  • 19 Thirty Tree
  • Fat Boss’s

Campus Area ASU | Angelo State University

There is a sizable university about 5 miles outside of downtown San Angelo. The ASU Rams have what looks to be a nice football stadium. Many of the businesses and organizations around town have these decorative Rams in front of their building.

Chain Restaurants in the burbs. I didn’t make it to any of the many Chinese and Japanese restaurants that seem to be in ample supply in San Angelo. It’s on the to do list. 

Museums and Tourist Attractions

As one of the bigger metro areas in this part of the state, San Angelo has an impressive set of museum to make this a nice tourist destination for the entire family. I enjoy dragging my kids against their will to muses of all kinds, and sometimes they even like it.

Fort Concho


One of the main tourist attractions in town. It has a set of building that cover a huge open field.


http://misshatties.com/  For $6 bucks you can tour an old school brothel that was shut down by the Texas Rangers in the 50’s. Some of the furniture is from the original brothel. Tour is about an hour, Tours are Tuesday – Saturday 3pm and 4pm

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts – Also on our to do list for next time. 


A new local Gallery? Also on our to do list. https://www.facebook.com/popofcolor325/

Outdoor Murals

There are many very cool outdoor murals all over the city. The Historic downtown district has many impressive ones all in a central location. Just a few of the cool buildings and outdoor art that is scattered throughout downtown.


A decent collection of antique stores for a day of Texas Hill Country style shopping. 

Random Fun things to do in San Angelo for the kids



Fun things to do in San Angelo for the Outdoorsman

There are numerous lakes and city park areas for fishing from the bank. The camping options are also solid, we a nice free spot on the north side of Twin Buttes Reservoir. The Reservoir is a large complex and the only place open to gun hunting exotics animals on public land in Texas.