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Events in the Texas Hill Country

Winter time in the Texas Hill Country features events galore for the locals and tourist that make it down South for the warm weather. It can be hit or miss with the weather in South Texas during the winter time. Some days are sunny and gorgeous with temperatures in the 60 to 80’s. Some weeks the rain and cold can show up and make an outdoor trip or music vest not so fun. There are some cool Mardi Gras celebrations and the hunting and fishing can be top notch. Winter time is a great time to hit the Texas Hill Country’s plethora of golf courses as well.

Texas Hill Country Events

Winter Events |  Texas Hill Country 

  • Texas Fiddling Festival
  • Cowboy Mardi Gras in Bandara
  • Carnival in Austin
  • Tannenbaum Ball  
  • Rainbow Trout Fishing

Spring Events |  Texas Hill Country 

  • SXSW
  • Diamondback Jubilee Rodeo
  • Luckenbach Blue Grass Festival
  • Luckenbach Hug In

Summer Events |  Texas Hill Country 

  • Hill Country Film Festival
  • Fredericksburg Car Fest
  • Cowboys & Cajuns in Junction 
  • Fredericksburg Craft Beer Festival
  • Kerrville Blues Fest 
Hill Country Bar

Few can argue Fall Events in the Texas Hill Country is quintessential fun. It might be our favorite time of year for trips into the hills. As the blazing heat of summer fades away, the event’s schedules heats up with music festivals, October Fest Galore, and the kick off of the Texas hunting season. It’s also a great time of year to head out for some rainbow trout fishing. As luck would have it there are a few events for that actively as well. Without further commentary, here are some of our favorite events in the Texas Hill Country to fill ye’ old to do list.

Texas Hill Country Events

Fall Events in the Texas Hill Country

Here are some of our favorites events. We make a list every year of the destinations we would like to go for year. We have been to most of these at least once, and try to find at least a few new and exciting things to do. On a good year we make to about 1/2 of the events that make it to the fun blog list. Hope to see some of you friendly folks out there in the Texas Hill Country this year.

October Events

There are so many fun things to do in October. There is an October Fest every weekend with Fredericksburg getting the fest kicked off on the first weekend. We are going to try to hit make our first Oktoberfest appearance in Spring the year, landing on the second weekend of ACL. Formula 1 in Austin and a few rodeos make it a grand old time in the Texas Hill Country.

November Events

While it seems like an “October” Event, one of the biggest Octoberfest in the USA is held the first weekend in November in New Braunfels. It’s located 1/2 in between San Antonio and Austin, and one very cool German Tourism Town. They have a nice grounds specifically built for the event located next to the downtown strip. The grand hall burned down a few years ago, so we have not seen the new setup, nor attended the event since COVID. It’s a must on our to do this this year.

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