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Striper Fishing on Lake Buchanan

Boating Fishing Lake Buchanan

Striper Fishing on Lake Buchanan


Considered one of the better Striper Lake in Texas, Lake Buchanan is a big lake that hold nice stripper bass year round. During the summer time, downriggers are used in the deeper areas closer to the dam. We got a pair of downriggers with our latest project boat. With and a trip planned early in the summer we hoped to have an opportunity the check them out, but project boats don’t always work on the first few trips of the season.  The riggers worked and the fish are hitting on spoons around 20′. We now need a few cannon balls, release clips, and run power to the second downrigger mount. Our summer trip ended up turning into more a tubing trip for the kids. So we packed the gear up and planned another trip for early fall.

Our second fishing trip of the year we decided to head to a cool resort with a downhill mountain bike trail on the North side of the Lake. The Striper are typical not in this part of the Lake in the early fall, so we didn’t have much luck as the boat ride was a little too far from our dock down to the lower part of the Lake. As we are more seasoned largemouth bass anglers, it’s going to take us a few trips to land our first decent sized Striper bass in the Hill Country.

There are plenty of guide services for those without a boat looking to get on the fish. The run year round, with the peak season being in early spring. Lake Buchanan’s a mainly stocked Striper, but the fish grow to the 18″ mark quickly, and these are typical the size of keeper fish you can land.

Gearing Up

  • The Boat
  • Rod’s and Reels
  • Spoons
  • Rooster Tails
  • Frogs
  • Top waters
  • Crank Baits
  • Live Bait
  • Cut Bait
  • Jiggs


  • Control Arms 1 of 2 Operational, Need power run to the second unit
  • Cannon Balls or the like. Nice ones on ebay for $20, 40+ in stores.
  • DIY Release Clip

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