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The Fun is done – Spring Festival Season 2020

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The Fun is done – Spring Festival Season 2020


Hindsight is 20\20, but caption obvious told me that it was a good idea they canceled SXSW. For now just about every festival, sporting events, concert, music events of all kinds, drinking in public, camping, trips to the beach, swimming holes, and all other things fun, sort of fun, and related to fun have been canceled until further notice. AWSOME!

Things you can do for fun during the corona virus lockdown.

Captain obvious back in action, you can watch a crappy corona virus version of TV, or Netflix, you can read a book, take your dog for a walk, exercise by yourself outside or inside, take up some crappy new hobby like learning the piano or guitar, work hard on your computer, start learning a new foreign language, play board games, get drunk in some Zoom social room, get drunk with your roommates. Play video games, and mow the lawn in a gas mask without your shirt on. But at the end of the days, these things are a flat hot Milwaukee’s Best facsimile of fun.

When will there be fun again?

When the coronal virus goes away.

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