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Hog Hunting in Texas

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Hog Hunting in Texas


Texas is known as one of the premier hog hunting destinations in the US. These invasive species can be found all over the state, but are in abundance in the sometimes heavily wooded areas in the eastern parts of Texas. Because Hogs are non-native to Texas, you are allowed to hunt them 365 days a year with just your basic hunting license. Their population has exploded over the past few decades, so there are ample places you can hunt including on public land.

Different ways to go hog hunting

  • Public Lands Open Range Hunts
  • Private Ranches on Feeders
  • Bow, Rifle, Shotgun, or bowie knife
  • Nighttime Thermals Scopes
  • Helicopter Hunting 
  • Trapping Hogs

Required hunting licenses

To hunt hogs or anything else on public land in Texas you have to have your hunting license, the appropriate tags for each animal you intend to hunt, and what is known as your Annual Public Hunting Permit /Walk-in Hunts; also known as the Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit. The cost has been $48 the past few years. You could buy these without the deer and bird tags and save around $30 to only hunt hogs, but I always buy the super combo license that includes all the tags, and my fishing license and saltwater fishing license. The super combo is $68 for residents. The cost and types of licenses for non-resident are a little different and run $80  – $300

Best places to hunt hogs on public land in Texas

In general, hog hunting is way better in the Eastern part of the state, and there is more public land for hunting in the east. I have been all over the one big public hunting area and few other smaller ones in the western part of the state. I have also spent a great deal of  time hiking and fishing in the western Texas Hill County, and I have never seen a hog west of Austin. I see them all the time in the Eastern part of the state. So without further adieu here are of some of the better public hunting areas in Texas. Keep in mind you can’t hunt hogs year round in many of the public land areas, some are shotgun or bow only. You have to check your book that comes with your Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit. carefully to know when and how to hunt.

Caddo National GrassLands

Also one of the best public deer hunting places in Texas, this area some years is filled with hogs, and some years they are nowhere to be found. You can hunt them with a bow during bow season, and with a rifle until mid march, when the turkey season starts. The season is over until the start of archer deer season the next year. It is located about 70 miles NE of Dallas near Paris, TX. It’s about 20 different midsize tracks, and has the most open terrain of any public land hunting in Texas. It’s also my favorite spot to hunt in Texas. 

Sam Houston National Forest

There are plenty of hogs here, but it’s a big place and the woods can be thick and tough to hunt. The hogs can move all around and it can take days to find them. While I’ve seen a handful of them, I have never had a shot. It’s just North of Houston and one of the few places you can hunt hogs on public land year round with a rifle.

Old Sabine Bottom WMA

Heavily wooded with a lot of creeks and enough water to hold hogs. It’s about 5000 acres, just big enough to get away from the other hunters. Archery season is year round, gun season typically ends at the end of March. Located on the Sabine River, this can place floods easily; driving the hogs to private land on high ground. You can check out their facebook page to check on conditions.


Marlin Lake 

Located SE of Waco, I have been to this place many times.I have been so close a few times to getting a white tail with my bow. It’s archer only and open year round except during the deer season. I have never seen a hog here, but I have seen numerous wallows and more sets of dead hog bones than I can count. The fishermen say they are everywhere and one guy told me we won’t walk around the place without a pistol because of the hogs.

Lake Granger

The closest place to hunt from my house. There are plenty of hogs in the land near the San Gabriel River, it’s archer only and you can bait them year round.

Lake Soommersvile

One of the best places to bird hunt in Texas. I have not made it out to the other area where you can hunt the hogs. It’s archery only, but you can bait them April through August.

Alabama Creek

It’s in the eastern part of the state in the Davy Crockket National Forest. One of a handful of the places you can hunt hogs 365 days a year with your rifle.

Moore Plantation, Upper Toledo bend (Sabine River Authority), and Bannister WMA.

These are 3 large areas that have year round rifle hunting for hogs that are all very close to each other. They are located near the Louisiana Border near Toledo bend. It’s on our short list of places to explore. 

Other Good spots for Hog Hunting in Texas

  • Pat Mayse WMA
  • North Toledo Bend Year Round Shotgun. There is also a decent Golf Resort on the Lake so you can make a family trip out of it.
  • Holand Creek Cemetery – It made the map a few years ago, not sure why you can go hunt in a cemetery. If I’m ever nearby I’m going to have to check it out.
  • Guadalupe Delta WMA – The only place to hunt hogs on the Coast near Laguna Madre, It’s shotguns Feb- May and not a very big area. Hog Hunting in Texas while fishing sounds like great fun.

Texas Hog Hunting on Private ranches on Feeders

If you are headed out to open public land the chances of getting a hog are slim if you are not a season hunter and willing to put in some serious time to find and\or bait them. If you want to just shoot a hog on the cheap there are plenty of places to-do that in Texas. You can find hunts as cheap as a few hundred dollars, with nicer ranches and multi day hunts going for several thousand dollars.

Cleaning and Processing your wild hog

If you have never been hog hunting, don’t underestimate the filthiness of a wild hog. They smell BAD no matter what. They also frequently can be covered with fleas and ticks. For this reason it has become increasingly hard to get meat processors to deal with your wild hog. So, you need to be prepared to process the animal yourself. 

What are the best times to go hog hunting in Texas?

Like many hunters, I think of hog hunting as just an afterthought to the deer hunting season. If I’m out there trying to bag a whitetail I don’t mind taking a hog instead. But, if you’re looking for an easier hunt head out in the spring or summer. At this time all of the other hunters have shut things down for the season. Turkey season runs in the spring, but there are far less turkey hunters than deer hunters. The animals are far less spooked and your chances of getting a hog on public land are far greater. Baiting is also allowed in some areas during the spring and summer. Summer can be a little too hot for hunting in Texas.

Can I Hunt Hogs from a helicopter in Texas with a machine gun?

Damn straight you can! All you need is about 5 grand.



Nighttime Thermals scopes hog hunting in Texas

If $5k is  little out of your budget, this is almost as “Texan”

Trapping Hogs while hunting in Texas

Most hog trappers are pros that are helping out local farmers, but there is once place the ye old common man can try his hand at this on public land


Can I hunt hogs with a knife in Texas?

This style of hunting is typically done with dogs, then you go in and finish off the bore with a knife or spear.


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