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Spider Mountain

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Spider Mountain


It’s been tough to keep the fun blogging spirits up and find cool things to do in the Texas Hill Country during Covid. During the last week of September it was the owners Birthday so we had to make sure we found something fun to occupy our time. We decided to head to the upper part of Lake Buchanan with our boat to the Thunderbird Resort on Spider Mountain. Spoiler alert, it’s awesome and we can’t wait to go back.

Spider Mountain is a downhill mountain bike park with a ski lift that takes you and your bike up a very large hill, or very small “mountain”, depending on your perceptions. Lift tickets are about $50 and you can rent a nice mountain bike for about $100 if you don’t bring your own. I’m not sure if a full protective gear is required, but one would be crazy to race down the mountain without out. For a small fee you can peddle your way up and down without the lift if you wish. The lift was not open so no biking for us, but we did get to hike up the trails.

Thunderbird Report is short walk from the bike park, and many of the other guests were there to ride. The resort is a set of cabins that sit right on the Lake and the property features a decent boat ramp and boat slips that are available for rent for $10 a day. The cabins were nice for the price and had a kitchen, porch, and BBQ grill that make it the perfect fishing camp. If you want to buy live bait, there is a show about 5 miles or so down the road. My girlfriend refused to let me stop on our way back and buy a bag of sealed minnows as we were in her car, so we didn’t have much luck fishing. It was more of a boating trip anyway.

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