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Summer Fun for Kids

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Summer Fun for Kids


Texas Hill Country Fun Stuff for Kids

This is a top ten list written by a Kid for other Kids of my favorite things to-do in the Summer time around the Texas Hill Country
1. Shlitterban

Shlitterban is one of the most popular waterparks in the world.The first shlitterban was in new bronsville. The have special tubes you have to use if you want to do any of the rides.

2. Altitude
Altitude a huge trampolin park on westgate. Like shlitterban they have there own special socks you have to use.If you want to do anything there.Like the trampolins The trampiez, Dodge Ball or the Performance wall you have to have there socks

3. Bowling
Westgate lanes is the bowling alley that I love to go to.It is right across the street from Altitude. There are bowling shoes you have to wear if you want to bowl.You can also bowl and Main event and Austin park ‘n pizza in flugerville

4. Horse Back riding
It may not be common but horse back riding is super fun.at bear creek stables they have really nice horses.and fun trail and a show you do on Friday.
You can Horse Back ride at other stables around the Texas hill country

5. Blue Bonete Cafe

Blue bonete Cafe has some delicious pies some amazing breakfest and a long line.Blue bonete Cafe is located ing Marble falls
6. Acting camp

Acting camp is a camp that you addition and get a role play it at a show on friday. But you do get to play a lot of fun games
7. Swimming

Swimming a sport that you can swim ing water you can play fun games like Marco Polo or categories.
8. Tubing

Tubing is where you get on a tube that does not have a hole in the middle.It has handles that you all hold on to and you go faster or slower and you can let go and do kewl tricks

9. Mall

The mall is a fun place that you can eat what movies,and above all shop.One of my favorite is barton springs mall.

10. Kayaking
Kayaking a sport that you use a paddle to paddle your kayak down a lake

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