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South Texas Fishing Lakes


South Texas Fishing Lakes


Just a short drive out of the Texas Hill Country, a set of fishing lakes closer to the coast is a must stop for any fisherman.

Lake Falcon

Popular hot spot for the guides, between San Antonio and Brownsville. A bit of a drive from Austin, so we have not made it here yet. This lake is know for holding big Bass.

Lake Amistad

If your looking for smallmouth and big numbers of other bass, this is a good spot. Head up the river to find the smallmouth.

Choke Canyon

Know for their huge alligators this South Texas fishing gem is a must stop and any sportsman’s list. It’s also a great fishing lake is home to all sort of game.

Lake O.H. Ivie –

We have not been here yet, but is just one more great Texas Bass Fishing hot spot on our list.

Calaveras Lake:

Located just outside of San Antonio, It’s Red drum fishing in an freshwater inland lake. This seem odd to a long time red fisherman from Louisiana. Fishing this South Texas Lake is on the short list.

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