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Texas Hill Country Hunting


Texas Hill Country Hunting


In Texas, fall rings in the start of Hunting Season for a wide range of game in the lone star state. Birds, Deer, Pigs, and a few other critters are on the target list. Our gear is ready and tested. Next step is to find a locations and plan a few trips.


Dove starts the fall season in big numbers in the Hill Country. There are small farms and ranches just outside of Austin and San Antonio that hold birds. You can get on a shoot for about $75-$100. It’s also the season for Pronghorn Antelope.


The whitetail are available all month for those brave enough to hunt with a bow. It’s also a good time to plan a trip for a hog or exotic to get in a little practice for the start of deer seasons. Quail starts in late October.


The starts the general hunting season for deer, duck, and turkeys..  Can’t go wrong with any of these options on your table.

December – January

Deer and most other game seasons end in early to mid January.

Game to Hunt in Texas

  • Deer
  • Quail and Pheasant
  • Turkeys
  • Hogs
  • Axis Deer, Elk, other nonnative
  • Gators
  • Rabbits and Squirrels
  • Fox and Coyotes
  • Lions, Tigers and Bears

Coming Soon

  • Hunting Ranches and Guides
  • Out of State Licenses and in state License Requirements
  • Hunting in bordering states

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