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Oktoberfest in the Texas Hill Country  


Oktoberfest in the Texas Hill Country  


The rich German heritage in the area has brought with it a cornucopia of Octoberfest celebrations scattered in small towns, bars, and venues across the state. Most of the events are actually held in October, with WurstFest bringing the month-long statewide celebration to a thunderous conclusion spanning two weekends and 10 non-stop days of German beer drinking fun.  


Oktoberfest in Central Texas had a rough go of it during Covid. One of the biggest Oktoberfest venues in the country burnt to the ground. The New Braunfels’s WursFest Grand Hall has been rebuilt and is back up and running with a full line up of music, food, and beer. Wurstfest, it’s one of the big daddy of Octoberfest Celebrations in the USA, the biggest in the Texas Hill Country my a country mile. The festival runs November 3-10, It’s the traditional time of Oktoberfest in the first week of November, closing out a marathon of OktoberFest in the Texas Hill Country

Scholz Garden and Sängerrunde Hall in Austin

Austin’s Oktoberfest occurs one day only, this year on September 30, 2017. This event will feature beer, sausage, and live music, just as you’d expect from an Oktoberfest.

Beethoven Halle Oktoberfest in San Antonio

Arguable the second biggest Oktoberfest in the Texas Hill Country. We have yet to check this fest out.

Fredericksburg Oktoberfest

Fredericksburg start of the Octoberfest season in the hill county with their fest occurring in the first weekend of October. It’s held in their downtown park like all their other numerous festivals. I’m sure it pretty great, but we have never made it. Fredericksburg is also home to one of the coolest German style breweries in the Texas Hill Country where it’s practically Oktoberfest every week of the year. The Altstadt brewery on US 290 highway has a large German beer haul, German music, and German food. We have never been to the actual fest.

Boerne Oktoberfest

Held at one of the local bars in a courtyard. A fun time to sign and drink with many of the wonderful music acts that play at the bigger Oktoberfests around the Hill Country. The hotel rooms were also very reasonable. It’s typically held in-between Fredericksburg and Wurstfest, so you can squeeze in one more for the year.

Granbury Oktoberfest

Also held the same weekend as Fredericksburg, a nice smaller town alternative to the hustle and expensive rooms that is a big weekend in Fredericksburg.

There is a vast selection of local breweries in the hill country. Some of them will have some sort of German themed party during October.  Check out the Breweries page to find some Texas Hill Country Oktoberfest hidden gyms.

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