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Fishing Lake Travis – A trip to the Narrows

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Fishing Lake Travis – A trip to the Narrows


Our lake of choice is just a 20 min drive up Highway 71 from out Austin Home.. The Closest Boat ramp to the staff  is Hudson’s Bend State Park. One of our favorite ramps is 10 miles up the Colorado River into Spicewood Texas, a ramp know as “The Narrows”. The featured image of the article was taken at the boat ramp on The Narrows of Lake Travis during the drought times around 2012. For several years the Colorado river and lake where only a few feet deep in this location, and maybe 50 yards wide. The sandy bottom made a nice beach and a great place to enjoy the water without a boat. In recent years The Narrows has become one of our favorite fishing spots in the Texas Hill Country. There are far less people and boat on this section of Lake Travis and we have had good luck with catfish and black bass in this location. If you head up river you need to be very careful of the submerged rocks. Downriver from the ramp is normal Lake Travis boating conditions.



Fishing Tips for Lake Travis:

  • Hit the boat docs and other man made structures.
  • White bass like to migrate up the Pedernales River in the Spring
  • The humps are two submerged islands the first hump is about 100 yards off the point where the boat ramp is located. the two of them go for about a mile north, and are about 500 yards wide. You can catch an occasional stripper here. 25-40 feet deep in the summer.
  • Upriver you can find flats, trees, and other natural cover. It’s a very long lake, best to trailer up-river if you can.
  • The water is back to normal levels after a few years of drought. Many places to fish on Travis that were sandy dust, now have excellent cover.
  • You can find the occasional large Gar in the Grassy Flats and tree lined banks.
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