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Early Teal Season in Texas

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Early Teal Season in Texas


The hunting season in Texas always kicks off Sept 1 with the opening of dove season. But, one sometimes overlooked in the early season hunts is the teal season. It is typically the second through 4th week in September. These duck-like birds are some of the first to migrate before the mallards and other ducks make their way into Texas. Many of the same farms and lake areas that are open for dove season are also good spots to start looking for these sudo ducks.

I got some necessary gear for the inaugural duck hunt. First up was a set of decoys, half teal and half mallards, 12 total and it was only $30 on amazon. Next purchase was a $15 camo tarp-like thing. Next on the to-do list was to get one of the big boat trolling motor batteries for the canoe and little trolling motor. Got the waders, and I might need to build or buy some sort of stabilizers or platform for the “”hunting canoe”.

After my first trip to Granger I’m tempted to take the big boat out for the first crack at teal hunting. The lake is a big boat lake and the river where I might launch the canoe also looked big enough for the big boat. It certainly would be easier to shoot out of it and more comfy sitting around waiting for the birds. I would also be able to cover A LOT more ground all over the lake looking for the birds. I have not been taking the big rig out the past few months as it’s been too hot. It’s a long way to trailer it as well. If I’m going to put big miles on the truck and boat trailer, a trip to the ocean is far more tempting, so after some thought, it’s an eclectic canoe for the first few teal hunting trips.

I have found a more pond looking place that says it’s only accessible by boat, and I think by boat they mean jon boat, or in my case electric canoe, and not ski boat type of water. From the wildlife and google maps, this place looks perfect for Texas early season teal hunting from a canoe.

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