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Back to School 2021

Boating Fishing Lake Buchanan

Back to School 2021


There are high hopes for back to school in 2021 despite the Delta taking much of the wind out of the fun sails. For the most part the Hill Country has been open for business during the pandemic, and mask wearing has not been a priority among the locals and party fold alike. Many of the traditional events have been a go, despite the recent health issues. 

Oktoberfest looks like it might happen this year, at least in some towns. Hunting and quality fishing weather is also just around the corner. Sort of feels strange waiting for the Fall and winter the head outdoors, including the water.

Back to School Activities

  • Fishing, Cliff Jumping, and tubbing.
  • Kayaks and Canoes
  • #FootballOpening day of Texas Hunting Season
  • OctoberFest?

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